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#319: The One About the Dragon

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I’ll admit, most days I relate most with the house elf Dobby cleaning up after everyone, but this episode is going to focus on the dragon-loving groundskeeper, Hagrid. You see, Hagrid was so obsessed with dragons that it was apparent to everyone but him that keeping one in his wooden house was a bad idea.

So often we keep destructive things in our lives because we love them. But the truth is that if we don’t get those things out, they will destroy our lives. It’s time to kick the dragons out of the house.

Action Steps:

  • Take time to determine what dragons you’re keeping in your wooden house. Where are you blinded by things you know are not the right choice?

  • Admit to God that you’ve made wrong choices and ask Him to help evict your dragons. Share your decision with a trusted friend.

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